All our boxes are made from top quality, hard wearing materials resulting in a strong and sturdy box. They vary in length from 12′ to approximately 15′ and payload varies depending on the length of the body and specification chosen.

Safety and strength is of the upmost importance throughout our build. The original steel bulkhead between the driver and horse remains in place, it has been designed by the vehicle manufacturer to withstand shifting loads, we see no reason to remove it. However it does not prevent us from adding increased strength by the means of heavy duty alloy box section fitted full width and bolted to the cab ‘B’ pillar. The sides of the box are also reinforced then bonded and secured using industrial fixings.

Full build spec available on request.

Our boxes have as standard a low and wide side ramp which is very easy to lift, a lift up flap or barn doors above, an aluminium floor, a collapsible breastbar for piece of mind and an aluminium padded partition.

Stallion type partitions are also an option. 

Twin camera’s are also standard. There are several different back end styles and different window options.

Our 12′ body has plenty of windows, stainless steel window bars, tie rings, and 2 roof Vents. It can have a standard or our anti jump breastbar. There is enough room for bench seats a wardrobe or cupboards whatever is required.

The 15’ body can vary quite a lot depending on the customers requirements. Some just have seating and saddle and bridle racks where as others can have wardrobes, cupboards and tack Lockers added as required.

A fridge, hob/sink, microwave, bed etc etc (See gallery) can also be fitted but this will obviously affect payload quite a lot. Boxes with this option are usually only suited to carry one horse, or can be uprated to give a better payload. 

Obviously we want our customers to be happy and appreciate that they have their own views and requirements. We are happy to listen and amend things to suit.